Would you clarify the one-touch rule and the one-second rule?

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For the one-second rule, it’s similar to the game, “hot potato.” The game is designed to move quickly – catch and release. The one-touch rule begins when a player takes possession of the ball, holding it with one or both hands. The ball may be transferred to one hand to throw (or you can throw with two hands), but as soon as contact with the ball is broken, the same player cannot touch the ball again (until another player has touched the ball). A player who releases the ball, even for a split second and touches the ball again, loses the point due to a “double-touch.”

Tip 1: The one-touch rule begins as soon as the player takes possession of the ball, until contact is broken (even for a split-second).
Tip 2: The one-second rule is like the game “hot potato,” where you catch and then quickly release the ball.