The stop-lock does not prevent the net-rope from slipping.

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When setting-up the game, pull the top net-rope through the (top) inner eye-bolt, the (top) outer eye-bolt, and then pull down and pull through the (lower) outer eye-bolt. Each time, pull the stop-lock through the eye-bolt (first turning it horizontally).  The key: pull the rope and stop-lock through the FINAL eye-bolt twice (x2), and then slide the stop-lock up the rope to prevent slipping. The lower net-rope is secured the same way, pulling the rope and the stop-lock through the (lower) inner eye-bolt twice (x2).

Tip 1: Both the rope and the stop-lock must be pulled through the eye-bolts.
Tip 2: Pull the stop-lock through the final eye-bolt twice (x2) to prevent the rope from slipping.