How do you rule between a “spike” and a hard throw?

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A “spike” is effectively an unplayable shot, with a player standing near the net and throwing down hard. Players can throw the ball harder from further back on the court, but throw too hard and the ball will go out of bounds. Throwing hard to deliberately hit a player and go out of bounds (to try to win the point) is ruled “misconduct” and the point is lost.

Tip 1: If there is geniune disagreement about whether or not the ball was spiked, the point is replayed.
Tip 2: Taller players will find it easier to throw the ball hard from further back on the court – and keep it in bounds,  and that is why longer poles are available to raise the height of the net for taller players (for additional purchase). During assembly, B+ poles are used instead of the B poles.