BoxxyBall was born in California, made to be played around the world. A catch-and-throw game everyone can play, it’s fun for people of all ages.

  • Play at the beach – it’s fun in the sun!
  • Take it to the park – it’s class on the grass!
  • If you can catch-and throw a ball, you can BoxxyBall.
Played at the park, on the beach, on hard ground, or indoor at a recreation center, if you can catch and throw a ball, you can BoxxyBall.
Alex McLellan grew up in Scotland, UK, and relocated to San Diego, CA. The idea of BoxxyBall sparked into life while playing at the park with his three kids. Subsequent research, design, development, and testing confirmed this game was something special. BoxxyBall lowers the bottom rung on the ladder to fun, fitness, and friendships, so everyone can climb onboard.